The Absence of ThingsJewish Museums & the Possibilities of Limitations Annual Conference Association of European Jewish Museums, Toledo, November 19-22 (programme) (read more)

Call for papers, XI Congress of the European Association for Jewish Studies, Kraków, Poland, July 15-19, 2018

Study and/or research bursaries in Jewish Studies (read more) (application)

Jewish Studies Seminar (New videos)

David B. RudermanThe Early Modern Period in Jewish History (videos)

E Pluribus Unum. Multidisciplinarity in Jewish Studies Programmes and Teaching”. Workshop co-organized by the European Association for Jewish Studies and the Project “Jewish Cultures across Mediterranean Europe”. Girona, May 2017 (read more)

Course of Specialization VISUAL CULTURE AND MODERN JEWISH SOCIETY by Richard I. Cohen (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) April, 25 – May, 16. 2017 (read more) (registration)

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